Link roundup: Books / Materiality / Cognition / Communication

Some recent links relevant to the materiality of cognition, books and communication.

DRI / Marsh’s Library Seminar: ‘Reading Renaissance Marginalia in A Digital Environment’ | Digital Repository Ireland
ICYMI: an opportunity for a field trip to Ireland to study “The Archaeology of Reading”

OnFiction: Literary reading and mentalizing
Brief review of research studies linking the activity of reading literary fiction with increased empathy and theory-of-mind.

The Best Resources On Which Is Best – Reading Digitally Or Reading Paper? | Larry Ferlazzo via @Somers_Library
A basic link roundup from popular but credible sources, leaning toward the “yes there’s a difference” camp.

de Hamel, Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts | David Ekserdjian, Literary Review
“Celebrity interviews” with a dozen medieval illuminated manuscripts, tracing their histories, current residence, and the experience of examining them in place: “the fate of each manuscript, from the time of its creation to the present day.” Sounds like the next best thing to being there.

Holger S. Syme eviserates Brian Vickers’s “The One King Lear” @LAReviewofBooks
Syme prosecutes the case again Brian Vickers’s new book on the textual history of “King Lear” (an enterprise in which he has been joined by many if not most Shakespeare scholars). In the course of his scathing review, he gives practical clarity to many of the core issues that make the history of Shakespeare texts an exemplar of the indeterminate relationships among material texts, authors, performances, and audiences/readers (to say nothing of scholars).

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