Link roundup: Books / Materiality / Cognition / Communication

Some recent links that bear on books and the materiality of communication.

FOUND: An Ancient Mexican Codex-Within-a-Codex 
“…the underlying writing seems to be a new genealogy, which could have links to another Mexican codex in the Bodleian collection. It is also hoped that the new images can further assist in interpreting known archaeological sites.”

Ebook Anatomy: Inside the Black Box – The Book Designer
More than you probably want to know about the coding used to produce a typical ebook.

Language necessarily contains human biases, and so will machines trained on language corpora
I would prefer that this study were more clear about “language”  as system, as opposed to “language corpora” as artifacts assembled with the help of a system: syntax, as opposed to semantics. But it provides real-world examples with real-world ramifications for how meaning is embedded in the corpora of language, not abstractly derived, and how machine learning is not independent of the bias in the corpora.

Why formats matter more than ever…. – Medium via @jafurtado
Brief comparison of the material advantages of current platforms for long-format texts, with an emphasis on the Exact Editions platform.

BBC: The mysterious ancient origins of the book [Popular account of the rise of the codex]

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